Sunday, October 15, 2006

Teaching Is Not Easy

Adrian was getting good money from his current tutoring job. Problem is, the kid he's tutoring is making him earn every cent:

Adrian: Your semester finals is coming up so let's do some light revision. Do you know what's the basic formula for momentum?
Student: What's a 'momentum'?
Adrian: It's 'm' times 'v'.
Student: What's 'v'?
Adrian: It's velocity.
Student: What's 'm'?
Adrian: Ok.. maybe I should start from the beginning. State newton's first law.
Student: Wha..
Adrian: Ok what is it now?! What's 'newton'? What's 'first'? What's 'law'? Kid, there is no more question left for you to ask that could show me how miniscule your knowledge is on form 4 physics.
Student: What's that funny word that you used?
Adrian: Miniscule?
Student: Physics.

At least he is paid RM180 plus he's only taking crap from ONE student for only 4 days a month. I, on the other, was paid RM400 to take crap from 200 students for 20 days a month:

(Form 2 Class)
Ben: Today we're going to do divisions. What's 20 divided by 5?
Whole class: 4!
Ben: Good, now what's the answer to this? ['60/3' written on the whiteboard].
Whole class: 60.. 3.. 60.. 60.. 3..
Ben: What?!
Student: Sir, that line between 60 and 3.. it means OR right?
Ben: [Bangs head on the whiteboard]

Teachers, lecturers, profesional tutors, how do you guys do it?



patience ....dude.. patience.... and bribery too.. haha...=P


I agree with the above, patience is a must in the teaching profession.

There's also positive and negative re-enforcement, which basically translates to dishing out rewards and punishments at your discretion or when deemed appropriate.

Can't think of anything else right now because I'm not feeling too bright at the moment.

Oh yeah, and there's also the need for higher motivations other than money, the accumulation of material wealth and gratuitious appreciation; especially for public-school teachers. In other words, it's a noble yet (mostly)thankless profession.

Joash Chan

I did some tutoring for around 3 years. And boy kids these days are dumb. No wonder we get paid so much... You heard of kids having more than 1 tutor? It's like the parents pay you just to get the kid occupied for 2 hours, so that they can rest.


pyin: i'm all for bribery!

wilson: but one way or the other, they'll always make it to be about the money. school teachers will try to get their students to go for their private tuition which also equates to side-income.

joash: Oh yeah i heard of kids like that, I was one of them. In Form 4 I had a total of 4 tutors; Maths, Chemistry, Physics & Malay. I'm grateful though :D


You have a valid point. On a base level, it's about income and "getting by". However, I find it hard to imagine that people would go into teaching in the first place if they were to make wealth accumulation their primary objective!

In addition, the whole private tuition phenomenon we've grown up with is mostly an Asian thing. The concept of private tutors only apply to either "the socially-economically exclusive" or "the academically challenged" in these parts. The seperation between public and private teaching is also very obvious with one never venturing into the other or doing both simultaneously.

Wan Yean

my gawd. the comments are so long it almost beat the length of my weiner!


the comments and everything else in this world


ben... u're evil.. hahaha :P

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