Friday, October 13, 2006

Say It Right

Adrian once told me that he was going to make 'lizard' for us after our dinner. Since Penang is like a food-haven and all, I thought he wanted to give us a little glimpse of some special dishes from his hometown. Of course it was after dinner that we found out he actually meant 'dessert'.

Mispronounciations can be funny. I remembered on the very first day we moved in, Adrian tried to engage the next door grandma in a light conversation:

Adrian: Hello ah-ma.
Grandma: (Silence)
Adrian: So.. -points to a pot- what plant is this?
Grandma: (Silence)
Ben: I think you gotta speak louder. Maybe she's already in that period of her life where she has turned semi-deaf.
Adrian: But she hardly looks 60.
Ben: Ask her how old is she.
Adrian: Are you nuts? You don't ask a woman her age.
Ben: Fine, Mr. Courteous. Ask her in your own charming way but add a little volume to it just in case.
Adrian: It's called 'deaf period' right?
Ben: Yep.
Grandma: What?!
Adrian: DEATH! DEATH! [Pointing to his ear but with hands made to shape like a gun] DEATH! DEATH!

The very next day, we found:
1. Our dog badly bruised (stones everywhere),
2. Our clothes wet (sprayed with hose),
3. And a tennis ball stuck in Kim's car exhaust.

Forget what I said before. Mispronounciations (plus hand mimes) can be scary.



A tennis ball? I thought it was a guava fruit. I highly doubt she did it. It must be chocy playing catch with my car.HAhahaha.

bubbly soda

lol! you guys are nuts lar. do more stuff like that and the whole rukun tetangga will be waiting for you in front of your house ler...


funny thing is i've never actually seen a rukun tetangga at work. maybe i've been living in all the wrong places.

so rukun tetangga to me, is a guy circling the neighbourhood around midnight repeating, "Becareful of fire and robbers" while whacking a gong.

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