Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Hot & Hazy Afternoon

It's a Wednesday afternoon and everyone at home were dehydrating from the unbelievably hot weather outside. Most of us were already either drinking our 5th bottle of water or taking our 5th shower of the day. We felt like elephants. Come to think of it, it would be kinda awesome:

(Everyone as elephants)
Ben: Look at my nose, it's so long (waves) and flexible!
Adrian: Why am I in this dream sequence?
Ben: *Stiffens nose* Let's play hockey!
Adrian: You've got 5 seconds to get me out of here.
Ben: Let's play tug-of-war!
Adrian: 3.. 2..
Ben: Fine! *poof* ... -Looks around- (Tries to reach for the penis with the nose)

Apparently the weather got to me. So I thought I'd try to escape from the heat wave by grabing some shut-eye. Unfortunately, the heat got me twisting and turning on the bed several times before I could finally doze off. But I'm glad it got me up long enough to catch Normie's antics:

(Everything heard while half-asleep)

*Our rusty gate swings open*
Normie: Chocy, back! Chocy, NO!
Normie: HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Guys, our dog just ran away!
Normie: Ben? ... Adrian?
Normie: Sigh. I'll get him back myself.
Normie: Chocy, come on boy. *whistles* *claps* *whistles* *claps*
Normie: *Panting* Chocy.. get back.. here. *panting*
Normie: Fine go ahead and run! I hope a fucking lorry runs you over and flattens your corpse till every part of your organs are shot out of your mouth and splattered all over the street for me to point and laugh at! And after I'm done laughing and tasting your blood, I'm going to nail your sheet-like corpse on my wall just so I can laugh myself to sleep! HAHA! FUCK YEAH!
Normie: (Looks over) Oh, hello Mrs. Lim. So have you considered letting me tutor your kid?

Another typical hot afternoon in Skudai.


Wan Yean

i thought I woke up in some uk uni this morning until i came to my senses... mist dont smell like engine fumes and there aint a hot blonde next to me. damn the haze

Joash Chan

i love your sense of humour. I'm going to bookmark this blog.


wanyean: wei, u hangat hangat tahi ayam. go update some more!

joash chan: Hey thanks man :D

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