Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Small Talk

York was complaining that everyday before a test, that's when tons of SMSs and phone calls start flooding his cell to ask about the time and venue for the occasion. Reason being that he is the only one in our course who religiously keeps account of where and when every single test is being held. He seemed very annoyed.

Worse part is, he complained to us about this problem a day before our fluids test. So naturally, we were a little hesistant to ask him:

Kim: Where is the test being held?
Ben: At Singapore.
Kim: Sigh. Fine, I'll call York.
Ben: But didn't you hear him rant about this yesterday?
Kim: No one else knows about the time and place for our fluids test!
Ben: Fine you call him but after asking, engage him in small talk so he won't feel so used.
Kim: Ok. -Dial- -Wait- "York? Hey listen we would like to know... oh wow that was quick, thanks." P19 hall at 9pm, now what do I do?
Ben: [Whisper] Small talk!
Kim: So.. er.. Are you sitting for the exam?
Ben: [Mouth opens wide]

Kim could've gone for "How early will you be there?" or "Are you well prepared?". Instead, he went for the homerun.



i was wondering.. who is York anyway? haha very very seldom write about him here oh.. NOW i know.. hehe.. how did York respond anyway?? \(^_^)/

how can u ppl dunno ur own tests de?? then how u study for... do u even study for it?? hehe... anyway.. hope u did well in ur test.... =P


that's a classic!


You see there's a "My Characters" link on the left of this blog. There, you'll see some of the faces and brief info on the guys i've been talking about on my blog.

we know it's on that day, just dunno the time and venue. UTM is so huge, we have too many exam halls.

Thanks, I hope i did well too. -plz, plz, plz-

indeed :D


Try having an off-campus exam hall. By the time we got there, we were more anxious about strangling the examiners if anything.

Funny thing was that it was on a horse-racing track. By the time we were done, everybody was talking about the odds of bagging the triple crown in the next one up.


on a what?! it would be so cool if they went, "AND THEY'RE OFF!" when you start your exams.


ah cheh.. UMS oso big wat... bigger than urs!!! =P>.

plus if it IS tat big.. wudnt u worry more if u dunno d time and venue and wudn't u go CHECK IT OUT URSELF!>?! hmmmmm..


heheh, UTM second biggest uni after UPM.

haiya, test only ma. Not like if we remember can get RM1000 also. better let some else do it (hor York?)

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