Monday, October 09, 2006


A society was having a gathering over at our house. Unfortunately, there were some transportation problem. Seeing as most of the members were female (chicks don't drive, they tumpang), it meant that the guys (like 6 out of 20) had to do all the fetching:

York: I am so pissed!
Ben: Why is that?
York: Three other guys and myself had to fetch these 4 girls over from the nearby bus stop..
Ben: Yeah I'd be pissed too if a girl was hugging and cuddling me tightly behind on my motorcycle.
York: Let me finish. So the girls were already waiting for us at the bus stop when we arrived but their expression immediately turned pale upon the sight of our 4 motorcycles.
Ben: You mean upon the sight of your 4 horny faces.
York: [So that could be it...] Anyway, they told us, "But we've never sat on a motorcycle before. We want a car!" WALAO! It's already good enough we fucking rode under the hot afternoon sun just to fetch your pampered ass, now you wanna be picky about tranportation?!
Ben: But I do know for a fact that most girls are afraid to sit on a motorcycle.
York: So what?! There we were, 4 guys on their motorcycles, having a long discussion with 4 wannabe queens, in a crowded bus stop, under the hot scorching sun. At one point, a bystander even came to me and said, "You guys shouldn't be doing this in broad daylight."
Ben: I don't get it.
York: It looked like we were picking up hookers.
Ben: ...
York: Yeah.. And after 10 minutes of persuasion, I gave up and just took off by myself. Screw them bitches.

Like I said, I personally know some girls who won't ride a motorcycle even if their dear life depended on it:

Motor Man: I am Brad Pitt, hop on my motorcycle and I will marry you.
Girl: No.

Maybe it's the:
1. Fear of being unlady-like.
2. Fear of falling off and breaking open their heads.
3. Fear of getting kidnapped while waiting in traffic.
4. Fear of tearing their hymens and losing their virginity.

But then again, who knows.



Man, if this situation happened here; I'd say screw the bikes and cars and lets all spring for a bus fare followed by a brisk walk because thats as good as its going to get.

With fuel prices, insurance costs and in some cases, the cost of the vehicle itself to take into account; they can quit moaning and rely on a supposedly reliable public transport system and their two flat feet.

And no, taxis aren't included in the equation unless they're willing to spend the cost of a full-tank of petrol for a round trip.


maybe they were wearing miniskirts.. haha..

but im afraid of riding the bike. somehow it seems abit unsafe.


wilson: The bus stop is too far from the house. Plus, a full tank of motor is only about RM5 so it's not much.

michelleg: nope, all of them were wearing jeans :D


actually d "fact" no.2 cud be a reason y lo.. cuz i've heard frm my cousin..*who i think HE DID or his fren DID * actually witness a passenger fell over and he * more like * his head ran over by the lorry behind them.... ok .. it's QUITE similar to ur situation so..yeah. gross situation...

but still i wud ride a bike.. wakakkaa.. it's so cool.. n windy.... i wonder how fact 4. could happen though.... * think think think* hahaha


bennie~ you didn't post my ideas! boo u! im telling mami =(


pyin: that's just sad. yeah there were times i almost fell off the bike, just gotta hold on type and get ready for sudden accelerations. (Dun worry la mommy, nothing one!)

bernice: well i did use like 25%.. i think. wei why ur account is a dead link one?


Hey, don't stereotype us, girls with the motorcycle phobia. I'm not afraid of bikes. I rode on bikes for so many times and never once fear it....Haha! *Speeds off with a harley davidson*


it took 7 comments for someone to finally say this. haha! Yeah I know I'm guilty of stereotyping which makes me feel kinda bad.

so to make up for it, i shall stereotype my own gender: All men are horny.


Just bcoz u r horny doesn't mean every guy on earth is horny!!!!


i love motorcycles!
we talked about it yesterday?

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