Thursday, October 19, 2006

Our Dog-Hating Neighbour

Lately whenever we return home from campus, we'll always find a new bruise or two on Chocy, our dog. The sticks and stones scattered around our front compound shows that someone in the neighbourhood has a personal agenda against our mutt. Mind you, our next door granny is off the list. She couldn't even lift a rock much less throw one.

Our lecture was cancelled today so we spent the entire afternoon occasionally peeking through the window, hoping to catch the culprit red handed. Sure enough at around 2pm, our dog started yelping in agony. Adrian quickly turned his attention to the window and sees our OTHER neighbour lunging rocks and broken sticks at poor Chocy.

Adrian quickly summoned the entire house to confront our animal-abusing neighbour. Now, confronting people isn't exactly what we do best. That's what you get when you have a house filled with soft-spoken undergrads. Lucky for us, CK had some experience:

Adrian: So how do we confront him?
CK: It's ok, I've done this before. All of you just follow me outside and I'll do all the talking.
Kim: And we just stand there?
Adrian: No, we put on our mean faces too.
Kim: Yeah! Grrrrrrrr!
CK: You look constipated.

After the short pep talk, it was time for the dirty work:

CK: Hey, we saw you throwing rubbish into our house! Why did you do that?!
Neighbour: There's a dog in your house.
Adrian: So what?!
Neighbour: I'm Muslim!
CK: It's OUR dog and you have no right to abuse it! And aren't you people suppose to refrain from sinning this ramadhan month?
Neighbour: ...
Adrian: Well what do you have to say?
Neighbour: Your friend looks like he needs to go to the toilet real quick.
Kim: Damn.

So yeah, the man blatantly used his religion as an excuse to hurt our poor dog. All that I can say is I am very disappointed.



Nice template.

bubbly soda

tuutness sial! does that mean they will soon abuse non-muslims? we all orang kafir wat. but then again only those without proper exposure to their religion.


Dude, you approached this situation very gentlemanlike. I on the otherhand would've shoved the sticks and stones up his heinie and watch him yelp for a change!


Hey, u change your template! It looks fresher now but I prefer the old one better, though. Anyhow, poor Chocy...maybe u shud train your dog to be fierce and tell him it's ok to bite the neighbur where it hurts the most!!!!


jason: thanks man. people have been complaining about how "ahpek" my old template look so i thought it's time for a change.

bubbly: i really hope this isn't a practice.

gallivanter: i would've sneaked into his room late at night with a can of kerosene and a lighter. but nah, it's very 'unmalaysian'. we talk only, don't take action ok?

qiwei: you're the first to tell me that the old template looks better. Seriously.
Train him to bite where it hurts most.. you mean his face? I don't get it. Where else hurts the most when you wanna bite a man with no balls.


It's times like these when the RSPCA's existence is justified. I mean, I know they seem a bit extreme especially when they're bombarding us over here with the "Don't buy caged hens eggs" advertisements here but chucking sh!t at your neighbours dog when its not warranted is uncalled for.

Over here, just a phone call and the poo-job will have his day in the papers.

Btw, I personally like the green layout.

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