Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Engineering vs. Business

We've always had our ethnic lecture at the business faculty. Unfortunately, since there are no in between breaks, we'd usually be sprinting from OUR faculty to theirs meaning I never have the time to observe the business undergrads.

Yesterday, our class before ethnic was cancelled so we decided to hang around the business faculty for a bit. So here are some of the things I observed:

  • Business students have more than one layer of attire. Mechanical students on the other hand, have never even heard of the word 'layer'.. or 'attire'. These guys dress to impress. Engineering students dress like there's a faculty PA announcement that tells us to quickly strip and do the macarena every 5 minutes. As long as it slides in and out fast.
  • THERE ARE WOMEN EVERYWHERE! THEY'RE SO HOT AND TIGHT! .. Hey I bet you'd be excited too if you spent most of your time in classes where there's a 70:1, guy to girl ratio. That's like 0.014 of woman for each male engineering students.
  • They stare. Ok maybe there's a good reason for it. But I swear, after I told Normie to quit adjusting his crotch and Kim to stop digging his nose, they were STILL staring! So rude. - "Ben, stop scratching your pits."
  • And of course, the business students are morally superior compared to the engineering students. We found a lot of these notices stuck around the faculty.

From sweaters to watches to wallets, we couldn't stop laughing when we saw these notices. It's not the fact that business students are a forgetful bunch that tickled our funny bone but it was the fact that these notices were even put up in the first place. I mean, what was the owner thinking?!

Guy Who Found Sweater: [Sees the notice] I think I should return this RM200 sweater to him.
Friend of Guy Who Found Sweater: Yeah you must. That sweater might have some sentimental values to it.
GWFS: Maybe the owner has had this sweater since he was a kid.
FGWFS: Maybe he went out on his first date with that sweater.
GWFS: Or maybe he found his true love while wearing this sweater!
Both: Aaaawww.
FGWFS: Or maybe, just maybe.. his grandmother knitted it for him.
GWFS: His grandmother knitted this commercially sold Nike sweater?
FGWFS: Yeah. His DEAD grandmother..
GWFS: [Tears welling up] I'll call him right away!

Engineering students would lelong the damn sweater for half-price at a flea market.



In my campus--->
Business: everyday meeting.
engineering:everyday lab.

Engineering: Formal==Tuck in your t-shirt into ur jeans and wear some goddamn shoes for Christ's sake.

Business:Report==minimum 20 pages, Times new roman, size 12, double spacing.
Engineering: Report== Fill in the blanks in the labsheet handwritten unless stated otherwise.

Business: "Die lo nest week need to submit report but only 75% complete"
Engineering: "Oh nvm still got 7 days."


ahahaha! i like yours better :D

Joash Chan

both are nice. Thanks for the daily dose of laughter.


ooo i've seen notices like tat in UMS almost everyday... mostly are library books and pendrives.. really funny la..

jikalau ternampak buku bertajuk * insert title here * sila kembalikan kepada library UMS secepat mungkin ..


sila kembalikan pendrive 1GB kingston kepada * insert name here * dengan menghubunginya pada * insert hp no. here *

sumtimes they even DRAW out the pendrive.. which has no other features on it tat can help much.. haha...


Green...everything so GREEN...
Ohhh, my's turning green...U R MAKING ME ANGRY!!!!!U WON"T LIKE ME WHEN I'M ANGRY!!!UARGHHHHH!!!
(tearing off his underpants... something underneath is growing bigger and BIGGER...)

Funny why u chose green since u hate vegie...


Selamat hari raya...setahun hanya sekali(except for a few years back they celebrated it twice...)
menyambut hari yang mulia ini...
Wow, r u celebrating hari raya too? COOL...their 'duit raya' r in green r u giving out duit raya through ur blog...?
U go back to kl la...i want the room all by myself!!!!

-Princess Shin-

hmm.. i never been to the bussiness school in my uni b4 but i do know for sure that bussiness students are definitely more fashionable!!! haha.. esp d gals! =(


joash: heheh, i aim to please :D

pyin: kingston 1Gig?! if the fella return also i personally take a flight down to sabah just to beat him up.

kim: oi, get out of the toilet fast. i wan to use!

princess shin: yes.. the girls.. (drooling)

Leather Coats

both are nice. Thanks for the daily dose of laughter.

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