Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It Hurts So Bad

Picture having an open wound that's in constant contact with water, surrounded by sharp edges and endures massive pain 3 times a day. Several days ago, I bit my tongue and now it has developed into a full-blown swelling.

To make matters worse, I bit my inner lip while I was out having my lunch JUST NOW. I was trying to position the food in my mouth so as not to come in contact with the swollen area but things got complicated and I accidentally clamped my teeth down too early.

Now with all the accumulated oral damage, it feels like there's a riot going on inside my mouth:

(Inside Ben's mouth)
Teeth (Police): Hey you guys better cool it or we'll be forced to get physical.
Tongue: [Hands over a RM10 note]

Even my accessory organs are corrupt. Anyway, it hurts like hell everytime I try to talk so the gang resorted to communicating with me in yes or no questions. Unfortunately answering them only make me look retarded:

(At a hawker centre)
Kim: Do you need me to order for you?
Ben: [Nods, nods]
Kim: I'm having porridge, you want one too?
Ben: [Shrugs, nods]
Kim: Without vegetables, right?
Ben: [Nods, nods]
Kim: You want the bigger portion?
Ben: [Shrugs, nods]

(Next table staring)

Kim: He's my brother and it's been a difficult time for all of us. Could you spare us some change?
Ben: !!!

Right now, I am practically drinking my Bonjela cream.



Reminds me of the time back when I busted my lip on your forehead when we were playing basketball. That was a nasty-looking wound. Surprisingly, it didn't really cause me too much grief but it was hell on dry-lips and not exactly something for the ladies....


Yeah i remembered that. Sorry :D

I miss playing basketball. Kinda stopped when year 2 started, sigh.


Get well soon, Ben! Maybe you should see the doctor or else the wound might get worse, you never know.


dude.. din ur mom tell u not to rush or talk when u eat!!? keke..

dude if u want really really make d pain go away.... use salt directly on ur wound.. * for ur lip * it hurts alot.. but it heals fast..=)


Get well soon!


qiwei: haha, thanks. i see first la, see doctor means spending $$$.

pyin: yeah i think i'll try that salt thingy. normie suggested it but i'm too afraid of the pain. i remember one time i actually cried when i rubbed salt on an oral wound and i swore never to do it again.

p-t: thanks stranger sir/maam.


chicken!~~ haha....

pain for a few seconds is wayyyyy better than pain for days and days n days and days.... u get d point.. =)

The Eternal Wanderer

Oh boy, that sounds gawdawful painful!

I can surely empathise with ya. I'm quite prone to biting my lip and tongue every time I hastily chomp and chew on my food...

Yes, Bonjela is a heaven-sent cream!


pyin: ok i did it. -sobs- regret like shit.

eternal wanderer: oh thank you. i thought i was the only one!

-Princess Shin-

Oh.. hope u feel better!

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