Sunday, October 22, 2006

I Ain't Going Home

Today is day one of my 2 week study break. I really needed to make the most of this break so I can recuperate from my poor carry marks and study even harder for my finals. But it's been a while since my parents have seen their only son face to face, so for this past week they've been understandably relentless in their efforts to persuade me home.

For an entire week, I suffered an onslaught of bribes and guilt trips. It wasn't easy but I still stayed strong. By the end of the week, they finally gave up and I'm glad they understood. My dad even called me up to tell me how much he respected my decision:

(While having dinner)
Dad: Hello son. You really aren't coming home, huh? Looks like you have your priorities all straighten out.
Ben: Glad you understand.
Dad: So what are you having for dinner?
Ben: Er, just plain ol' chicken rice.
Dad: We're having steak. Mmmm, it's so yummy.
Ben: I want mom to cook steak for me when I get home!
Dad: Oh, but you're NOT home. And I don't think we'll be having western food for another 6 months. How sad. -click-

See, respect.



Parents wait for holidays to see their kids. You should have gone to visit them. If they die tomorrow, you'll regret not going. Sorry for sounding so harsh.


You have no idea how many times I've heard that. Oh well, I'm not going to say anything about it because it will only lead on to an endless argument that'll make me look very very bad. Thanks for your comment though :D

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