Friday, September 22, 2006

Top Undergrads Are Weird

Today I went to an "Excellent Undergraduates" conference. It's basically a short meeting organised by the faculty for undergraduates with above average CGPAs. Now for me, there's nothing more intimidating than being in a room filled with 30 of the brightest minds in our mechanical engineering faculty. I'm talking about guys who can solve any equation (error-free) in a matter of minutes! Throughout the conference, I was so afraid that this might happen:

Lecturer: So as you can see, you guys are very lucky to be in this... POP QUIZ! (reveals a hidden whiteboard) Derive this 2-line equation in 5 seconds!
Undergrad 1: Done.
Undergrad 2: Done.
Everyone: Done.
Ben: Er.. sir, I don't think I can solve it in time.
Lecturer: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the weakest link; BENJAMIN! You are all invited to point and laugh at him, go ahead.

So what if I'm one of them? It's only my first year and I keep telling myself it's just a fluke. Some of the undergraduates here are already in their final year and they have nothing but my utmost respect for being able to maintain their outstanding grades for 4 straight years.

Anyway, after the short meeting, we adjourned to the outside of the lecture hall where we had some tea and kuih. Now over there, one is expected to mingle around but I didn't see that happening at all. Everyone was just so damn cliquey. At first, I thought it was because we (Adrian, Normie & I) were new faces and thus given the cold shoulder. Then, I saw why:

(Overhearing the seniors' conversation)
Senior 1: What's the answer for Solid Mechanics II; Page 123; Question 2(b)?
Senior 2: 240 kPa.

(Turns attention back to my own clique)
Normie: These cups are nice. We need some for our home.
Adrian: Ok, I'll just put my bag close to the side of the table and you casually slide as many cups as you can into it.. Go!




Not sharing the same wavelength... haha


LOL about the cups. I bet you and your mates steal the fancy shot glasses at nightclubs too :D


infectioner: must be the generation gap :D

minny: as long as it's not nailed to concrete babe.

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