Sunday, September 24, 2006

Misconceptions About Bulan Ramadhan

(While York was presenting his ethnic relations project)
York: ... and that's all for my topic on the different cultures of Malaysia which we have spent 10 days researching on.
Lecturer (Muslim): Well done. Since the Ramadhan month is upon us, I have one question to ask. Why do you think Muslims celebrate the fasting month?
York: [OH SHIT, I DON'T KNOW!] Er..
Lecturer: 10-day research, huh?
York: [You're dead anyway, just bull her something scientific] Research by scientists (strike 1) shows that the main reason Muslims go without an ounce of food for 30 days (strike 2) is to effectively cleanse their bowel system (strike 3).
Lecturer: ...
York: [She's stumped! Damn, I'm good.]

It was later that I found out York's "10 day" research was really a 10 minute copy-paste session on google. Anyway, just goes to show you how much an average Malaysian Chinese really knows about the Muslim faith. If only York stumbled upon this site, could've saved him from some major mark deductions.

I wish Selamat Berpuasa to Muslims everywhere!



OMG, that was so funny, I nearly died of laughter!



haha, glad you liked it!


Welcome to multi-cultural Malaysia. I can sort of see the point in an ethnic relations class now...

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