Friday, September 08, 2006

My Thoughts On Career Women (Personal)

As I was waiting for the coach to arrive, I inclined myself on a pillar and rested my head. The entire day was so tiring, I just cannot wait to get home and fling my exhausted body on to my warm, soft bed. Actually I was just speaking for the 40 year old uncle snoozing away on the bench beside me. Me, I was wide awake eagerly taking in the midnight KL scene around the commuter station.

On my right stood a chinese lady in her mid 30s still in her three piece suit. Unlike most women her age she wasn't at home at this hour singing a lullaby to her first born child or tightly snuggled up on the couch waiting for her husband to come home and make love to her. Instead, she was busy answering a call in Japanese while clutching a briefcase housing the business plan that finally got her the VP position.

She bade the person on the other side, "Oyasuminasai" and hung up. She was smiling victoriously as if she sealed another business deal and I for one, admired that woman. She didn't settle on her life, she took the road less travelled, she made something of herself and obviously she was soaring high above the clouds. But while she was grinning away at the thought of finally being able to purchase that house by the seaside, I couldn't help but feel.. pity.

Pity because when the coach eventually arrives, she will be returned home to an empty and lonely apartment. There will be no partner to confide to, no kids to kiss goodnight to, and basically no reason to get up the next morning and work that overtime shift again. Nobody but herself. That is how she got to where she is now and that is how she's gonna continue living her life.

Our ride finally arrives and I immediately snapped out of my musing and rushed into the coach. I never believed that women had to choose between a career and a family. Men can have both why can't women, right? And as the coach door slowly closes, I noticed that the lady was still outside waiting.

She wasn't eager to get home. I hate it when I'm wrong.



You will understand when you get older. Like your post, please read my blog when you are free. You will learn more about women from there.

bubbly soda

i think the reason why women have to choose between career and family is because woman are expected to be the emotional provider in a family. Therefore... in many cases, career women are not progressing so well in their family but of course there are some that is good on both.


yuencindy: haha, will do.

melly: some? try -none-


This work/family balance is not an easy one to figure out. It is hard for men and women. The focus tends to be on the woman, though, perhaps due to tradition, societal norms, and yes, biological factors. Being pregnant for 9 months, delivering, and then (perhaps) nursing a child is by no means trivial. And of course, that is only the beginning.
This topic is too involved to be addressed in a comments box - I will stop here. Your post has definitely reawakened some thoughts I have had, on this topic.

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