Sunday, September 10, 2006

A 14 Year Old's Definition of Rude

Dinner with the extended family can be quite a chore. Of course for me, extended family dinner means sitting in a huge roundtable filled with 40 year old cousins and 60 year old uncles chit chatting about their financial plans or their latest vacation trips. Zzzz. I kill time by occasionally listening in on their conversations (it can sometimes get pretty relevant).

My 14 year old sister on the other hand, brings a thick paperback novel but what's interesting is that she never finds the time to read it so I got curious:

(Dinner with extended family: While waiting for the food to arrive)
Ben: What's that in your hand?
Sis: A book.
Ben: Why aren't you reading it?
Sis: It's rude.
Ben: So why did you bring it in the first place?

(Sister goes into her own dream sequence)

Sis: I want another glass of Pepsi.
Dad: No, you can't have anymore.
Sis: [Reads book]
Dad: *Gasp* You are being RUDE!!
Sis: [Starts reading]
Dad: Nooo, you're bringing shame to the family name! Quick, someone get that girl a Pepsi!

(Ends dream sequence)

Sis: [Grinning]
Ben: And you say I am weird.


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