Thursday, September 07, 2006

It's Always More Interesting On TV

Today, both my parents went to a private hospital to get their monthly medical check-up. Since I had nothing better at home and I've NEVER been to a hospital before (can you believe it?), I decided to tag along. See I've watched a lot of medical dramas so I kinda already pictured what it would be like over there. Let's just say, it wasn't all I expected:

On TV: On entry, I will be greeted by a queue of ill and worrysome patients.
Reality: I was greeted by "Regular of Decaf?". One of the world's largest multinational chain of coffee shops, Starbucks, is on the ground floor of this private hospital.

On TV: The doctors and nurses are hot.
Reality: *Looks left, looks right*

On TV: Families crying after a surgeon tells them of their unsuccessful operation.
Reality: Me crying because there are no hot doctors or nurses here.

On TV: Ambulance sirens filling the airwaves, doctors rushing about the hospital yelling "stat" and ordering the nurses to get them stuff.
Reality: Drama? While I was there, a young girl and her father were seriously injured in a car accident. Drs. Greene, Benton and Ross work to save the young patient's life. I love that ER episode. *sigh* It was dull as dishwasher there, luckily there were televisions installed in every waiting room there.

On TV: Medical doctors wear blue scrubs, surgical wear green and nurses wear pink.
Reality: I was sitting beside a group of surgeons. Curious, I leaned over trying to listen in on some of their surgical mambo-jambo. I got so excited hearing the words; epidermal, antimicrobial, cleansing, washing, mop, broom... Janitors here wear green.

I should've known.


Wan Yean

one thing for sure: sex is definitely better in reality.

not quite sure if that applies for u though, wanker :D


Next time I msg you everytime I wanna wank.

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