Saturday, September 02, 2006

My First Trip To Petaling Street

Today, I went to the the ever-famous Petaling Street in KL. I have never been to PS so being the city jakun that I am, I was very excited to pay my first visit there. Practically every local travel brochure recommends 'money-saving' shopping there and I am particularly attracted to the quote-unqoute.

What with the recent snatch and slash cases that happened in KL, I was actually going there to accompany both my younger sisters as protection. But I doubt I'd be any much use if ever the situation arises:

Sis: *Screams* That guy stole my handbag!
Ben: Haiya, no use chasing him. He is long gone.
Sis: But he's just walking!
Ben: What if he has weapons? We better not risk our lives.
Sis: Look, he just fell and I think he broke his arm! Now's our chance!
Ben: People already so pitiful, don't take things away from them la.

I am such a lazy prick. But while moving around PS, I wish someone DID snatch my sister's handbag. They kept going into those jewelry-doll boutiques to buy, well, cheap jewelry and dolls.

I felt so out of place

Lucky for side entertainment

One thing I found very interesting about Petaling Street is the fact that there's a sign that reads, "Dilarang menjual barangan cetak rompak - Datuk Bandar KL" posted on every street lamp along the road.

(Click to enlarge)

I'm guessing either the mayor is not well-informed about his own city OR he has a really wicked sense of humour (I'm rooting for the latter). Anyway, PS was exactly as I pictured it. A huge shopping area where everything under the sun is sold; from branded clothings like adidus and billibong to quality handbags like pradis and gusi. I seriously love this place!



hahas funny~


It's damn funny seeing the caucasians over here raving on about how bad piracy is up to the point they take a siesta in Asia and head straight to the Devil's lair.

Piracy: The vice everybody loves to hate but hates it when they find themselves making love to it time and time again...

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