Sunday, September 03, 2006

KL Taxis Ripping People Off

I have never trusted local cabbies especially the ones in KL. I always see them as scheming bastards whose only purpose in life is to squeeze every penny out of their poor customer's soul. But now with the recent news on some KLIA & Berjaya Times cabbies deliberately ripping people off, I can now swear that I will never EVER set foot in a KL cab again.

I know la, I'm being too general. Swearing off KL cabbies entirely would be like throwing away an entire fruit basket just because the first apple was rotten. These scheming cabbies or 'touts' only exist in relatively low numbers and are easily avoided ONLY IF you are a savvy KL local. Which leaves foreigners and non-KL citizens like me still game for the hunting season.

I wish that instead of word "TAXI", they would replace the sign on top of each cabs with fare prices. And maybe bargaining! It would be like Petaling Street but on wheels:

(Ben looking for a cab)
Cabbie 1: Hey you looking for a ride? Only RM6! RM6!
Ben: That's a bit costly.
Cabbie 2: Don't listen to him, my ride only RM5! Come!
Cabbie 3: Wait, I'll charge you RM6.50 but I'll throw in ANOTHER taxi.
Ben: Now that sounds like a good deal. I'll take it!

(Halfway through the ride)

Ben: Wait a minute...

*Sigh* I am gullible no matter what the situation. The only smart thing to do if ever you want to go sight-seeing around KL is to have a city-savvy friend right by your side. On a different note, there was one sentence in the article that caught my eye:

"I'll personally spend time with you to make your trip worthwhile" - cabbie's answer after being enquired as to why his taxi fare was so expensive.

Upon reading this, my mind immediately concocted up a really dirty fantasy:

It was already 9pm and I was so tired from my 9 hour trip. As I laid at the backseat spreaded out like a wet blanket, I can't help but notice Linda stealing some looks at me through her rear view mirror. She looked eager.. but I was too exhausted to care. Halfway through, the taxi suddenly took a detour into a secluded area. My fatigue was getting more overwhelming up to the point I couldn't ask Linda where we were going. A strange smell started to cloud the inside of the taxi and then it hit me, I was drugged. The cab came to a complete halt. Linda turned to me, revealing her half-unbuttoned uniform and whispered to me, "I promised you a good time right?". I was still motionless. She then scooped her long sexy fingers in between her behind and.. STARTED FORCE FEEDING ME HER FECES DOWN MY THROAT!! THAT BITCH!! -Potong Stim-

Told you it was dirty.


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