Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Malaysia's 'Out Of This World' Tea Party

Today while surfing around the net, I found out that Malaysia has came up with another ingenious idea to promote the country. 'Ingenious' because unlike climbing Mt. Everest or sailing around the world, it won't just be another copycat idea. Ladies and gentlemen, next September, we are going to be the first nation ever to send a man of ours out to space to make TEH-TARIK! *sigh* I dread to imagine the consequences:

(In space, after the launch)

Angmoh Astronaut: Ok, switching to manual. [The entire shuttle now feels weightless] Verifying engine conditions - Affirming oxygen level - Checking..

Msian Astronaut: Hurry up already! I can't wait to show my teh tarik making skills to the world!

AA: Shuttle is fully stabilised, wait let me get my camcorder. *ruffle* *ruffle* and.. ACTION.

MA: Hello world, I am here to demonstrate what will happen when you pour boiling-hot milky tea swiftly and repeatedly from one vessel held high in one hand into another held low.

(Initiates pouring)

MA: And as you can see.. wait.. Oh no, it's forming bubbles! Now the boiling hot tea is everywhere! It's burning a hole in my spacesuit!!

AA: Haha! What did you honestly think would happen when you pour steaming hot water in a weightless environment?

MA: Air.. air.. *cough* *cough* *chokes* Help me..

AA: Hold on, I promised them I would record a one minute video.

I can already imagine Pak Lah having lunch alone in the United Nation's cafeteria next year.



The original article itself was already funny as hell...

cheng sim

i seriously cannot see how the whole teh tarik thingy is possible. why can't they send an Orang Utan to space? i mean, they've send a dog to space right? teh tarik..pfft..good luck!


wilson: i thought so too :D

cheng sim: suddenly thought of 'Noah's Outerspace Ark'. Dunno why..

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