Saturday, September 02, 2006

Maple vs. DOTA

4 hours in a crampy car and an overly-crowded KTM later, I am back in Kay Elle. Instead of a warm greeting or even a hello, I returned home to find both my sisters and my cousin (visiting) glued tightly to the monitor screens playing whatever MMORPG or strategy game is hot nowadays, ignoring the heck out of me:

Sis 1 (on the computer): I tracked a player executing a party quest!
Sis 2: Quick, get hold of a team leader with an auto clicker (ac).
Sis 1: [Rapidly clicking] *sigh* I wish I have the fallen angel ac right now! ... I'M IN!
Sis 2: YES, Finally we can get our character up to level 50.
Sis 1: And we'll be able to sail back to the main island of Victoria!
In Unison: VICTORIA!!

Naturally, I was cranky after the exhausting trip back home so that's when I started to get all preachy and self-righteous:

Ben: You both are such geeks! When will you all learn to grow up and start talking about worthwhile subjects like politics and education? It is ignorant students like you two that...
Cousin (on his laptop): Eh Ben, what item do you get for Venomancer?
Ben: Kelen's Dagger of Escape and then Monkey King Bar.
Cousin: Wouldn't it be better if I got Sange & Yasha to increase my hitpoints?
Ben: Nah that's too defensive. With the items I mentioned, you can blink beside the enemy, initiate poison nova and then shadow strike to slow it down so you can hit it more with your poison induced attack.
Cousin: Oh yeah! Let me hear it!
In Unison: OWNAGE!!

What? DOTA is man-talk! *flex muscles*


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