Thursday, September 14, 2006

My Dead Dog & Doctor Titles

One of my two dogs died. It's sad. Before I left, one of them had already lost its appetite and has been very inactive. So upon receiving the message in KL last week, I wasn't very suprised. Adrian took it to the vet (twice) but apparently, the doctors couldn't do a thing about it. -Pauses- I have a question; is it right to call veterinarians doctors? In fact:

(Husband suddenly suffers from stroke at a restaurant)
Wife: *Screams* Is there a doctor in the house?!
Man 1: I am a veterinarian.
Wife: I need a HUMAN doctor!
Man 2: I am a dentist.
Wife: Good for you, but I still need a doctor!
Man 3: I am an engineer.
Wife: What? You're not a doctor.
Man 3: I just got my PhD last month!

(Husband dies)

"Dr." titles are everywhere nowadays, don't you think? Anyway, when I told my dad about my doggie's death, he gave me one of those "it's okay, just take care of the other one better" speeches:

Ben: One of my dog died.
Dad: Ai-ya, you should've brought it back to KL with you.
Ben: So you think it might have a better chance if it was in my care?
Dad: No, you're awful with pets.
Ben: Then why bring it back with me?!
Dad: It's just that.. it's been a while since we've had dog meat.

Wait, no he didn't.


Dragon City

hmm..u mean ur dad kill ur dog?


Ah... dark humour, the one guilty pleasure we take during inappropriate times.

Just be thankful you didn't raise the dogs here, the RSPCA here have a lot of legal pull and they're not hesitant to use it against those they deem "negligent" towards animal life.

Still, these things happen.


dragoncity: heheh, i don't think you got the joke :D

wilson: that's the thing about white countries. they sue, a lot.

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