Friday, September 15, 2006

Four Ways To Relief Stress

It's an hour before our Ethnic Relations exam and everyone in the house seems life-less. The 73-page exam notes were only handed out to us the day before, go figure. So after 2 hours of cramming useless facts into my brain, I cooled off by taking a nice long shower and then made myself a cup of hot cocoa. Curious, I went around to see how the others were doing:

Some confided to online gaming.

Some crashed halfway through.

Some just crashed, period.

And of course, some wanked.

How do you de-stress?



Ethnic Relations? What is that all about?

It sounds like something you'd teach in sensitivity training and may the toked up god in heaven help you if you ever get "recommended" to one of those in future.

I just didn't think it was that big of a deal that it should be an academic module on a tiertary level...

Just what will they think up next?


yay! i knew the wank part is inside:)


wilson: i took tamadun islam last year. So i'm not complaining :D

alex: haha, i bet all guys knew from the title!

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