Sunday, September 17, 2006

Learning Is Not Fun Anymore

In my primary school years, I used to look forward to every single period of the day. See when I was young, I had an actual desire to learn and question anything and everything. Knowledge was like a drug to me. WAS.

(Primary one: mathematics period)
Teacher: Today I'm going to teach you all basic additions. What is one plus one?
Ben: [Hm.. WHAT IS one plus one?]
Teacher: It's two.
Ben: [*Gasp* Why?]
Teacher: To get the answer, simply hold a finger up. Then hold up another finger. Now count the total fingers you have up.
Ben: [Woah, if I was 5 years older I'd totally get a boner right now.]

But after 15 and a half years of the same classroom routine, it gets rather weary. Teacher comes in, gives a lecture, floods us with homeworks and then exits. There's just no excitement anymore. That is why it's sad to see myself turn from that curious cat up there to this:

(Lecture hall: any period)
Adrian: The lecturer is late again.
Ben: [Chanting: Stuck in traffic, stuck in traffic, stuck in traffic]
Lecturer: Sorry I'm late, let's get on with our lesson. Just let me switch on my laptop first.
Ben: [Chanting: Virus, virus, virus]
Lecturer: Now on the screen you'll see a free body diagram..
Ben: [Chanting: Electricity cut, electricity cut, electricity cut]

Like a prayer before every period. I could start a religion; Class-Evasion-Ism.



I guess it's normal for our curious tendencies to wane as we grow older. Study becomes more tenuous and we get ourselves into a regime.


Learning is a lifelong process. I'd better enjoy it =P


Hahaha funny situation but it did happened in real life^^

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