Sunday, August 27, 2006

Our New Dogs Ran Away!

Remember my two new dogs I brought home two days ago? You know, the ones that I fed poison and diarrhea food to. Yeah, they both ran away. They've been crying for two days non-stop and we suspect that they are just missing their mom. Being the caring human beings we are, 5 of us immediately set out on a dog-hunt around the neighbourhood.. yeah right:

(Adrian woke up to find that our doggies are missing)
Ben: Normie, where did our dogs go?!
Normie: Huh.. er.. (wipes drool of face) Yesterday was Hakka day and in our place we celebrated it by having a nice big serving of dog meat. I for one did not intend to miss out on the event.
Ben: OMG, how could you?!
Normie: I'm kidding, you gullible geek. I don't care if there's a hot ballerina doing splits and somersaults in the nude outside, just leave me to my sleep!

(Kim for sure would be more helpful)
Ben: Our dogs ran away!
Kim: Quick, let's go find them. We'll just search around the vicinity while yelling their names. Adrian will take the left part of the neighbourhood, you take the right and I will move around in my car.
Ben: Good idea, but there's only one problem.
Kim: What? We've got to hurry!
Ben: We haven't named them yet.

(Minutes later, Normie realised his mistake)
Normie: Adrian, I am so sorry I didn't know what I was thinking.
Ben: I'm glad you came to your senses.
Normie: Yeah me too. I mean if ever there was a hot ballerina doing splits and what not outside our yard, I WANT you to wake me up because I do care! I really do!
Ben: Ok... what about our missing dogs?
Normie: We had dogs?

So right now, we are assuming that our doggies are just taking a short walk around the park and they will return to their loving masters by the end of the day. Masters so loving, they FORGOT to take a decent picture of their dogs just in case it both went missing and they needed to print 'help find them' posters to stick all over the neighbourhood. This was the best I could do:

Better than nothing.




She's Jess

cute doggies there :p


Aww... I hope you find them doggies. It'll take some time bonding with their new owners.


It always hurts inside when you lose a doggie. Double for 2 doggies. Hope you find them soon!



tak guna la u ppl...



Both our doggies has returned! Cannot, have to buy leash alrdy.




cute dogs

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