Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Food Budgeting For Undergraduates

Moving out from the hostel campus has so far been the best thing that we've ver done for ourselves in UTM. Unfortunately, we moved out in the middle of the semester which means we can't claim our hostel fees back from the UTM staff so now, we ended up paying both the hostel fees AND our house rent this semester. "Ouch"

We barely have enough money to furnish the entire house, apply for a broadband connection and keep TWO dogs! There were even signs of regret that we moved out in the first place. What's done is done. So anyway, ever since the move, everyone started controlling their daily spendings especially on food. Normie was hit the hardest so he's actually budgeting RM2.00 for each of his meal. I don't know how he does it but I worry that pretty soon he'll go for broke:

(In Normie's room)
Ben: Come on let's go for dinner.
Normie: NO! No spending money! See, see, watch, *Inhales heavily then swallows* I'm full!
Ben: This is not healthy at all for you man. You need to..
Normie: Shush! *Inhales heavily then swallows*
Ben: ... What was that?
Normie: That was tomorrow's breakfast taken care off.

Adrian on the other hand, has been cracking his brain trying to figure out ways to lower our daily food expenditures. Initially, he suggested that each of us start learning how to cook a dish and then take turns preparing dinner everyday. It was supposed to be a great idea, but everyone got into a heated argument on who should own rights to "Maggi Goreng". Adrian then had to find other money-saving methods:

(Outside the house)
Adrian: [Pouring dog food into our puppy's bowl. Stops and looks at the packet]
Ben: Don't even think about it.
Adrian: [Grabs a bite of the puppy chow]
Ben: That is disgusting!!
Adrian: Delicious! Come to think of it, we'd save lots of money if we all learned to eat dog food.
Ben: You have totally lost it, haven't you?

(Normie shouting upstairs: FREE AIR! FREE AIR! WOOOHOOO!!)

Ben: Fine, tell me more about this idea of yours.

It's a hard time for everyone here.

Hey guys, watch out for my Project Happy Malaysia story which I will publish at 0.00am on Merdeka Day tomorrow!



It's every uni students obligation; learning to budget expenses, well, except for those who live at home.

If you think it's hard there, try having to budget while taking currency into account. Still, at any rate everybody will have to feel the pinch around the world.

Cooking is a valuable asset, having a housemate who is a profecient cook is even better...

bubbly soda

WOOOI.... Why dun have puppy photos??? Post some lar! Eh.. dog food is nutritious ok.



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