Friday, August 04, 2006

My First 'Date' In UTM

Yesterday I went to the hostel cafeteria to meet up with June, an old hometown friend. She needed some help with one her subjects so I gladly offered my assistance. Seeing as June is a SHE and it's a one to one meet AND I have a reputation of not having even one single girl-friend in UTM, meeting up at your hostel cafeteria where there's like a 110% chance you'll bump into one of your pals is NOT a very good idea.

(In the cafeteria with my hometown friend)
Wanyean: [Snap, snap, snap] Wahahaha! [Looks at pictures taken] Got something to blog about already.
Kim: -Poke- -poke- It's a real girl!
Adrian: I.. I am so.. (sobs) proud of you..
Normie: Paying a chick to sit next to you in public? This has to got to be a new low for you.

[Handphone rings]

Dad: Hello. Just wanted to check up my son. Hey, why is it so noisy there?
Ben: I'm tutoring a friend in the cafeteria. She needed help on..
Dad: [Interrupts] Wait, a girl is sitting right beside you?! WIFEY, YOUR SON FINALLY BAGGED ONE!
Mom (In the distance): WHAT'S HER NAME? WHERE'S SHE FROM?
Ben: She's my old hometown friend la dad.
Dad: Your mom doesn't care. Bring her home.

I said there's a huge chance I would bump into ONE of them, who knew I'd bumped into ALL of them. And the phone call by my dad, it just sums up the entire scene that night.

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hahaha, what a tragic. musta been fun tho. at least the meeting is memorable


muahahaha. typical parent-friend reaction.

which hostel you guys met up?

She's Jess

LoL... funny

bubbly soda

HAHAHA... Eh... dun forget me ok.. hahaha... you better get a girl and prove them wrong man.

Attn: People! place a bet on my table. The bet is on when will Ben get a girl! ok???


ky: it was a typical meet la. only the boys go make storm in a tea cup.

jimmy: k9 cafeteria. you'll see plenty of familiar faces there. haha.

she's jess: hey i've seen u before..

bubbly soda: it's not i don't want to. I CAN'T. I don't have a car and.. i don't have a car. transport is everything, after that maybe there's some feelings of 'love' of whatever u kids call it these days.


i already kaisiu....u tak endah only:P


u didn't tell me much about her, tot u play me some more. haha!


Erm..Ben and June ar



(Rob Schneider) YOU CAN DOO IIIIIIIIT!!!! (/Rob Schneider)

She's Jess

Seen me before? Where? When?

Speed Date Host

you need speed dating ... ha ha ...

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