Monday, August 07, 2006

I Am Overspending

So word has been getting around that I spend (money) waaaay too much in a month. How much exactly, I'm not telling but this I'll tell; take the average budget of a typical local undergraduate and TRIPLE it. There I am, below the figure.

I mean compared to my friends, we spend just as much on books, fees, cybercafe trips and groceries. The only thing that differs me from them is FOOD expenses. I can never comprehend how Kim could pat his stomach so satisfyingly after 'sipping' down his RM1.50 plate of vegetables when I myself couldn't even be contented with my RM4.00 plate of meat.

I remembered once my dad made me keep an account to track where all the money went. Towards the end of the month, "Food & Groceries" occupied 80% of my account book. Even a fat man would only spend 70% of their money on food (and 10% on diet tapes). I wonder what would happen if this keeps up:

(Scene 1)
Dad: You're home!
Ben: Why are you camping outside?
Dad: Camp? Son, this is our new home now.
Ben: But..
Dad: Look, now I'm in the kitchen [Scoots to the left] and now I'm in the living room. How cool is that?!

(Scene 2)
Dad: Who are you?
Ben: It's me, Ben. Your only son.
Dad: My son's name is Bernice.
Ben: But, she's your daughter!
Dad: Oh that can be fixed, yes.. [grins at Bernice]

I must control my spendings. In the mean time you can just call me by my new nickname, 'Papa's Boy'.

Just Sewjin got reviewed by.. guess who?


Wan Yean

ei mari mari lets buy the edifier speakers


Sigh. Let me explain this to you, ickle one.

You see, yucky food (vegetables) is more filling than yummy food (meat), hence the phenomenon.

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