Monday, August 14, 2006

I Am A Future Workaholic

(A discussion on workaholics)
Ben: You know what's funny? Back in high school, a girl-friend jokingly told me that I am one of those guys who would put his career first before family in the future.
Wanyean: What's so funny? You ARE a future workaholic.
Kim: Yep, you are guaranteed to become a compulsive worker. I pity your wife, that is, if you you could get one.
Ben: But.. but..
Wanyean: Ben The Bee is what we'd call you behind your back.

It's scary when you discover a chilling fact about yourself that you were never aware off. It's even scarier when the only few things you could see in your future are workloads, paychecks and a poorly-kept studio apartment. Family? That would only get in the way of my promotion to VP, but it sure would serve me well as a gimmick what with the image of leaders as 'family men' and all:

(20 years later)
Boss: After 20 years of your faithful commitment to the company, I have finally found someone capable enough to fully run this company.
Ben: You mean..
Boss: Yes, you are up for the position of VP. Congratulations!
Boss: But there's a problem. A 40 year old, single man does not bode well with the image of a caring leader.
Ben: Don't worry, that's taken care of *whistles*

(2 women and a boy enters the room)

Ben: This is Kate Beckinsale, she'll play my angmoh wife and that's Haley Joel Osment, he'll play my angmoh son.
Boss: You're hiring actors to play your family?! ... Who is the other woman?
Ben: After having a dominating angmoh wife and a rebelious angmoh son for 10 years, I realised that it is best I stick to my own race. Obviously I can't opt for divorce at the risk of lawsuit so I had an affair. This is Zhang Zi Yi, she'll be playing my complying asian mistress.
Boss: ...

Jokes aside, maybe I do have a tendency to prioritise work over family. Sad part is, there's nothing I can do about it.



Of course you can do something about it! Stop going to those classes! Start asking that girl you had a crush on since forever out! Stop working as a tuiton teacher! Start LIVING and ENJOY life!

Nah, we all know thats stupid. Back to work.


engineering firms, rejoice! for you have found your perfect candidate.


You wouldn't be the only one. Most professionals in their thirties these days are struggling to find spouses or any form of partner they can be intimate with. They are also the biggest demographic group that subscribe to match-making and dating services.

At that rate, I shudder to imagine how our generation will turn out when we hit that age...

bubbly soda

Workaholic! It's not all bad lar. Just that try to balance a bit. If you have money you can buy a wife. so no problem for the acting. hehehe


ken: buuzzzzz

derek: haha, help recommend me to some companies ah!

wilson: gawd i hope i won't have to turn to those services anytime soon.

melly: if i had money i would buy a wife for each day of the week!

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