Saturday, August 12, 2006

TiVo vs. ASTRO

Screw the reviews, I thought "Click" was an awesome flick. What intrigued me the most was the idea of a universal remote control that not only controls every aspect of your life, it even adapts itself to the user, kinda like TiVo. I wonder what would happen if we tried to make a cover version of the film using an ASTRO controller:

Scene 1
Wife: Why don't you ever have time for your family? Bla, bla, bla.
Adam: Will you be quiet?! Mute! (Click!)
Wife: -Please subscribe to this service- *Continues rambling*
Adam: What the? I know I'll just pause her. (Click!)
Wife: -Please subscribe to this service- *Continues rambling*
Adam: Fast forward?! (Click!)
Wife: -Please subscribe to this service- *Continues rambling*
Adam: NOOOOO!!

Scene 2
Adam: Make it sunny again! (Click!) ... (Click! Click! Click!) Why isn't it working!!
Adam: -Calls customer support- Hello? My universal remote can't seem to change the weather. You promised me that it could control EVERYTHING!
CS: By chance is it cloudy over there?
Adam: Yeah, it's raining here.
CS: Ayo first time use our service is it? Wait la until rain stop! -Hangs up-

And it shall be called "Tekan".


bubbly soda

Click is serously GOOD! It's funny but not stupid.


I can imagine the trailer...

"From the makers of "Sampan" comes TEKAN! The family comedy NOT featuring Adam Sandler..."

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