Thursday, August 24, 2006

How To Lose A Girl In One Date

Today, while I was surfing the net at our campus library, a really attractive gal walked past me. Like a vulture eyeing its prey, my eyes persistently followed her until she was out of sight. "I want that girl's number," I thought to myself. Coincidentally, CK knew that girl and he gladly gave up her phone number to me. 'Gladly' because to my friends, the very idea of me having a girlfriend is just so hilarious and they would like nothing better than to enjoy the show:

(Picture painted by Adrian, Kim & Normie)
Girlfriend: I don't see why we can't go to a fancier restaurant on our anniversary.
Ben: A RM3 char kuey tiaw will end up as the same amount of waste in our toilet bowl as a RM40 steak. Eat up.
Girlfriend: You are so very romantic.
Ben: Now, now, nobody likes a sore punching bag.
Girlfriend: A what?
Ben: See that's what worries me, you don't get most of what I say. So I got you this for our anniversary present.
Girlfriend: "So You Have An IQ Of A Cow" and there's a Mary France Bodyline brochure stuck in between the book. What are you trying to say?!
Ben: You are getting fatter each day and it hurts my eyes. I worry that soon, I would go blind.
Girlfriend: Fine, I'll just stop eating then!
Ben: Good, now let's go home and have sex.
Girlfriend: But I'm having my period.

Maybe I am a little serious when it comes to work but come on. I bet even the most evil person on earth would know how to properly treat a lady, after all, Hitler did bag Eva Braun as his wife. So here I am, staring at my fully charged nokia and still contemplating whether or not I should make the first move. It is as exciting as it gets right here.



put up her picture.


unless she knows who you are...or else don't be silly trying to text her... waste of money

bubbly soda

i agree with mrbherng. don't go malufy yourself. try to get to know her first lar.


Get a mutual friend to introduce the both of you to each other "by chance". Otherwise, just texting her out of the blue might give her the impression that you're stalker-material.

At any rate, I wish you the best of luck. Go score one for the team!

(Rob Schneider) YOOOU CAN DOOO IIIT!!! (/Rob Schneider)


jason: how i wish..

mrbherng, melly & wilson: don't worry, I didn't text her. Actually i thought of wilson's idea for a long time. Let's just hope she buys it.


Eventually, u need so many ppl to teach u a lesson or 2 here in how to...?




Sew o Sew.....Make sure she is available 1st.....if she felt tat you're trying to flirt with and she said sorry i am not available're gonna get it.....but well best of luck can do it......

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