Sunday, June 04, 2006

This Coffeeshop (Personal)

At precisely 3am, you would see a man sitting at the corner of this coffeehouse staring outside the window, his whole body remained still and the only thing moving would be his fingers. It's as if he is trying to count the number of stars in the moonlit sky, and when there are no stars that night, he would count the number of passer-bys. And when there are neither stars nor passerbys, he would count the number of closed shop lots right opposite the coffeehouse, 13, they never change.

Nah, I'm just guessing, who knows what goes on in that guy's mind. He looks outside so much it makes you wonder why he never chooses to sit at the tables prepared out in the open in the first place. Maybe watching the world pass him by behind a glass window gives him a sense that the world, for one brief moment, is actually revolving without him. Don't you sometimes feel like you want to pull yourself away from this world of rat races and social politics just for a little while?

Again, I'm just guessing, who knows what goes on in that guy's mind. He has his shirt still neatly tucked in and his neck tie slightly brought down a little. It baffles me why he's still in his work attire. I mean it's not like he's having an after work lunch or dinner, it's 3am in the morning! He always leaves the coffeehouse at around 6am. Maybe he purposely dressed like this earlier so he can go directly to work right after his 3-hour late night coffee break. Time is money right?

I didn't guess this time. I knew I was just.. lonely. I mean he! He was just lonely..



Hey cheer up mate! It's good to be alone once in a while =) but hey you have one whole bunch of crazy friends around you!!

bubbly soda

Well at times we need to spend some time alone. But being lonely isn't the best thing. Get close to something that can comfort you. eg: nature, writing or even someone. I like your writing. It makes you think, keep it up!


mrbherng: oh yeah i forgot :)

melly: heheh, maybe I should add more personal posts huh?

bubbly soda

Oh yeah! that would be cool! i'll keep looking for more! hehehe... anyways, still like your writing, enjoy reading them. don't you dare not update.. i'll throw a dagger on your forehead. mwahahahhahaha...

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