Friday, June 02, 2006

My First UTM Guard Rant

One day, four friends including myself were on their way back from a long day of partying and getting drunk with 20 other virgin women dinner outside. As we passed the UTM guardhouse, the guard stopped us like this.

Then, the UTM guard immediately pointed to the guy in green (ME!) and exclaimed:

He interrogated me for almost 5 minutes before passing me off as UTM student. Walao, got 3 other guys inside the damn car why you don't ask for their IC? There's the driver, the guy at the passenger seat and the guy behind the driver and you pula go choose the one at the far corner of the car?!

What's worse is that he didn't even bother look or question the other 3 guys in the car! It's as if I had a sign on my forehead that says "I am an outsider, anything else I say is a lie". SIBEH TULAN!

I went back to my hostel all fumed up and immediately screamed "UTM GUARD TAK GUNA!" for all my hostel mates to hear.



ur driver!
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bubbly soda

wah... so kesian! maybe you don't look like a student lor! that's why go party somemore! ahahhaha


well sometimes UTM guard can be pretty fucked up


Haha chill chill... your explosion(nuclear) will only inflict many more deaths around you =P
Actually, I faced about the same thing back in TARC and I actually scolded the guard and just walked off =P HAhaha


Generally, most anal-retentive guards have delusions of power when in reality, they're merely rent-a-cops who may or may not have been academy dropouts...


Maybe you're very yong shui



Everyone in the car said the exact same thing to me.. *sob*

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