Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sabah vs. Sarawak

This right here, this post made my day. If I woke up one day feeling suicidal because I've finally came to a realisation that my existence had no meaning whatsoever, I would just read this post and I'm on top of cloud 9 again. I mean with excerpts like these:

"I'm not saying that Sabahan are bad peoples but they are the cheaters and always looking for sex with our (Sarawakian) girls."

and this:

"The factors which is contribute to this phenomena is most of Sarawakian male just have motorbike or motocycles, out of 10 male, 7 are "drunken master", lack of money availability, and some just want to finish their study as fast as possible.."

How could you not love it? Beware Sarawakians, we're out to hump your girls!

Ouch, I can feel my sides splitting already..



Can't really see the post but from those excerpts, I can deduce two possiblities:

1) He is going for absurdism comedic gold on a Malaysian context

2) He's waaaaay up there, and I'm talking about space cadet mileage. In which case, I'd like what he's smoking and I want double the dosage.

It's funny either way


Ok, I've managed to read his post and I stand by my statement and deduced possiblities. However, for some unexplainable reason I'm inclined to lean towards the latter.

Anyways, when are we going to hunt for more Sarawakian booty? This time, you're driving and I'll be riding shotgun with the tranquilizer darts....


TAWAU POWER!!!!!!!!!

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