Monday, June 05, 2006

Dealing With Annoying Passengers

York just got back from his hometown today. On the way back to campus, after fetching him from the bus station, he kept boasting about how he sat beside a chick for both trips to and from his hometown. Lucky bastard.

Anyway, he even complained about how the bus ride was very uncomfortable with both girls. One had a stomach problem and kept leaning on to York's side of the seat the entire trip. Another girl kept bonking heads with York because their heads fall on the same side as they sleep.

He asked us what we would do if we were him and we all gave our answers:

York: I was thinking of slowly bumping her to her side, but that just mean la.

Kim: Mean? You tell her, "Oi, I also paid RM13.30 for this bus ride! Move aside bitch!"

Normie: You can go into a sudden hysteria! Put your hands up in the air then cry, "Tim Kai?! Tim Kai?!" (Why?! Why?!)

Kim: Oh so you want to scare her is it? You could light one of those mini Malaysian flags and repeat loudly to yourself, "soon, soon"

Ben: Haha, or or you wrap your arms around her neck and say, "Halo, leng lui" then give her breast a good squeeze.

Everyone: ...

Ben: I'm sorry, I'll be quiet now.

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HACK!!! What a freaking idea of yours.. HAHA.. too bad whenever I was on a bus, it's always an uncle beside me... =( only once there's a babe =)

bubbly soda

ahhahaha... I am sure you'll be blacklisted by every bus in M'sia if you do that. ehheheh


*points at ben*.. pervert....

*grabs a chair n start slamming on ben*

Pyin : may u rot in %&^%$%^#*$* for all i care.. hahahahhaa

>_< *i'm sleepy... weeeee*


haha, now everyone is typing like me


Either you're a lovable comic relief in your gang... or you're the worst joker ever... Hahaha...


my jokes either make ppl laugh or shake their heads in dissapointment. I usually prefer the second response :)


Ew, you sicko


*Wide Grin*

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