Saturday, June 10, 2006

Some Who Find World Cup 2006 Uninteresting

Trying to follow the World Cup 2006 event from inside UTM is hard what with the 12am curfew and all. Lucky for us, Kim has a TV Card. Unfortunately for us, Kim, the game nut, doesn't like football.

Ahmeng: World Cup, World Cup! Going to start already oh Kim!
Kim: Wait, let me complete my Diablo mission first.
Ahmeng: (Rips off Kim's cd-rom and throws it off the window) WORLD CUP!!
Kim: (Rips off Ahmeng's eyeballs from its sockets) MY GAME!!

Me, I'm not really that crazy over the whole football thingy either. I love to play football, no doubt about that, even more so when I came here to UTM. But when it comes to watching 22 millionaires running up and down a field chasing after a measly ball, well that's an entirely different story.

(During the Germany/Costa Rica game)
Ben: I am sooooo bored. How long has it been?
Ahmeng: 60 minutes.
Kim: Aiyo, I could've completed 2 quests already!
Ahmeng: You typical asian gamer nerd.
Ben: I could've written 2 long posts on my blog already!
Ahmeng: You typical asian blogger geek.
Ben & Kim: ...

People who don't enjoy watching the World Cup are so uncool.


bubbly soda

see that's the damn problem! Soccer is soooo over comercialised. If you don't watch World Cup you're an alien. Ish... Btw, the sellers in Subang occasionally give free stuff esp. if you are the regular customer. ^^

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