Sunday, June 11, 2006

Starbucks Can Make You Gila

Just a while ago, halfway through my frappucino in Starbucks, I suddenly heard screams coming from behind me (my back of course facing the entrance). At first I didn't care too much to look since it is a Sunday and parents with their noisy kids are probably crawling all over Jusco.

The scream at one point seemed to be continous. Curious, I took off my headphones and turned around to have a look. Ack! There, I saw a poorly dressed crazy man shouting gibberish at the Starbucks baristas! Instead of being scared, the patrons including myself, found it amusing and smiled all the way.

I bet everyone was imagining what Starbucks did to make him cuckoo.

(Cuts to dream sequence)

Here's a man desperately trying to make ends meet while supporting 3 kids and an alcoholic wife. One day, he stumbles upon this nice looking coffeeshop.

Man: I would like a cup of coffee please.
Barista: That will be RM10.
Man: WHAT?! NOOOOOOOOOO!! *His wife dies of alcohol poisoning, all his kids runs away from home*

From then onwards, he would pay a visit to Starbucks every single day and by screams and shouts, he would tell them how they made his life so worthless.

And every night you would see him under the old bridge, squatting there with his arms tightly clutched around his legs. He gently rocks himself to sleep while staring hard at the RM10 coffee he so nicely bottled, hoping that someday.. someday..

(Ends dream sequence)

I bet we all go a little crazy when we pay for that RM15 frappucino. Don't you?


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