Monday, May 15, 2006

Workshop Getting To Me

Well this is my second week of workshop and I am slowly getting worned out by the barrage of projects and assignments they are throwing at us:

Ben: YES! Finally I'm done with my assignment! Now I can...
(WOOOSSSHH! A man with a red cape flies into Ben's room through the window)
Man: Hello Ben! Here's another assignment for you. Kthxbi! (WOOSSHH!)

I just need a break before I go insane and maybe start seeing things.. well.. more things.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm having my 'Drawing' module, at least that's what it says in the timetable. What does drawing have anything to do with mechanical engineering? I fear the worst:

Ben: So did you bring anything for class?
Adrian: What did you expect me to bring? A palette and a brush?
Lecturer: Ok class, each of you get a pencil and a piece of A4 paper out.
Adrian: See, no worries. Should be a simple sketching lesson.
Lecturer: (Takes off raincoat, NUDITY in all its glory) Now draw me!

*A very brief moment of awkward silence in the lecture hall was very quickly followed by shrieks of horror and painful cries of "I am blind! I am blind!"*

Ben: This is ridiculous la!
Adrian: Yeah I know, let's just bail.
Ben: How am I going to bring this assignment back to the hostel?
Adrian: ...



Do you happen to know your senior by the name of Law Yen Yang?

Wan Yean

oh that guy! ben he was the one who used to walk pass our classes, rite?

nope.. no idea. =)


hey jason, i know yen yang, he's one year my junior. i know yeh huei and yeo choy coursemates, same hometown as you.


Your junior? I thought you just entered UTM? How can he be your junior?

He has been in UTM after his Form 5 ler. Borned in 1984 mia.

Hmm, must see picture only know who is yeo choy and yeh huei.


Derek final year alrdy lu..


Eh, I thought it was you who replied. LOL. :P

Okok, I get it already.

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