Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Screwed Over By A Machine

We had lathing today. I guess the simplest definition of lathing is stripping metal.. Anyway, it is one of the toughest modules so far. The process is pretty simple once you've gotten the basics; adjusting, supporting and the actual lathing. The problem that most of us face?


Shits that happened while Ben was lathing:
- The machine started making weird sounds.
- The coolant tube came loose.
- The screw holding down the cutter couldn't be tightened.
- The measurement dial was screwed up, hence overcutting.
- The motor suddenly stopped working.

Technician repairing the lathing machine (His 5th trip to my booth)

That's what you get for working with a machine that was around even before you were born. You know what the worse part is? My group was the last to finish!

Being last sucks.



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They're starting to spam blogs now?

Anyways, watch "The Machinist", your recent workshop posts reminded me of that particularly interesting flick.

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