Friday, May 19, 2006

2 Guys, A Horse And A Plan

Workshop life is boring. And it's not like boring:
"I'm bored. Can we change sexual positions tonight, honey?"
It's more like:
"I'm bored! I'MA LEAVE YOU BITCH!"

This daily routine of wake up - workshop - lunch - workshop - assignment - sleep is just drilling a hole right into our heads. Wanyean and I even talked about doing something crazy and outrageous this weekend. You know, just something to 'break out'. So we talked about stealing a horse from the UTM stable and just riding it around campus in the middle of the night.

(After breaking into the UTM stable)
Ben: Ok now teach me how to ride it!
Wanyean: But I don't know how.. I thought YOU knew!
Ben: This is just great. I don't care, we ARE going to do something with this horse tonight!

(An hour later, at the dinner table)
Wanyean: So not what I had in mind.
Ben: *Burp*

We are beyond hopeless.


Wan Yean

i wonder how cats taste like now... what do you say ben??


Beats eating instant noodles...

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