Sunday, May 28, 2006

Why Some People Just Aren't Adventurous

Kim: Come la let's try this new place, Lim's.
Ben: *Sigh* Why can't we just go to San's for dinner?
Kim: We've been to San's for dinner every single night! Aren't you bored of that place already? I am. I heard that Lim's has a wider array of dishes.
Ben: -Thinking-
Kim: I mean what's the worse that could happen, right?

*Cuts to dream sequence*

Ben: Hey these dishes actually tastes good!
Kim: Aren't you glad I brought you here? Look at these dishes, I can't believe I missed this place for almost a year!
Ben: Butter chicken! *Munch, munch*
Kim: Fried duck! *Munch, munch*
Ben: Steamed fish! *Munch, munch*
Kim: *Face turns green* Ben.. my tummy isn't feeling so good..
Ben: Yeah I don't feel too well either..

(SPLAT!! Godzilla appears out of nowhere and flattens Lim's Restaurant with its giant foot)

*Back to reality*

Ben: Let's just stick with San's.

I was never really the adventurous type.


"Deuce Deuce"

your a fucki'n Gay ass


neither am i an adventurous kid until I came over here... =/ I will try nearly every single damn thing now... just wondering why..hmm...

bubbly soda

so you're more on the safe side kind? hehehe..


sha: it's "you're a fuckin' gay ass". If you're gonna curse, do it right.

mrbherng: usually we'd be more adventurous when we're out of our parent's clutches. Me = exception.

melly: no i'm more on the rather-not-be-squashed-by-an-80-foot-monster side :)

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