Sunday, May 28, 2006

Gearboxes And A Mistake

Today in workshop session, we learned about engine transmissions a.k.a gearboxes. Finally I get to know what really goes on inside my car when I shift gearsticks! So were first asked to dismantle the gearbox. I held my breath as the last nut was untightened. The gearbox was then lifted to reveal *gasp*


I tell you, it's a relief from believing that our engine transmissions were actually controlled by tiny, ugly gnomes. You know, those which couldn't make it as a shoe gnome or a smurf? Phew!


Anyway, we were asked to take several datas for each gear such as number of teeths and bushing gaps. I was taking the diameter of the bushing gaps:

Ben: The inside diameter is 20cm.
Sam: (Jots down) Ok.
Ben: The outside diameter is 19.9cm.
Sam: Hey, how can the outside diameter be greater than the inside?
Ben: Er.. er.. let me check again.
Sam: HAHAHA! Your 3.xx CGPA viable or not ah? Hey everybody, guess what Ben did!

(Everyone points and laughs at Ben, raw tomatoes and rotten eggs were thrown at him)

Ben: It was just a mistake!
Sam: A mistake of about 0.2cm! No one makes that kind of mistake!
Ben: Hey, even er.. (desperate to find a simile) even condoms have a 0.01% of leaking out!
Sam: Dude, you're talking to someone who's humping his girlfriend twice a day. MYTH!

(9 months later)

Ben: So how does it feel being a father?
Sam: Shut up.

Moral: Everybody makes mistakes, hump your girlfriend less.



Interesting stuff. Automotive engineering student?


Close. pure mechanical engineering :)

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