Monday, May 29, 2006

Shopping In Malaysia

While shopping in Jusco:

Normie: Hey there's a can of ice lemon tea for RM1.40.
Ben: (Grab)
Kim: Wow, there's a can of isomax for RM0.98
Ben: (Grab)
Normie: There's a bottle of kickapoo for RM1.60!
Ben: (Puts the can of ice lemon tea back and grabs the kickapoo bottle)
Kim: A pack of 6 instant noodles for RM3!!
Ben: (Throws everything off the cart and sweeps off the entire instant noodle shelf)

(After checking out of Jusco, at the shopping complex)

Normie: Woah, they're slashing the price of that samsung model by RM100!
Ben: (Drooling)
Normie: This one even better, The RM5 Shop!
Ben: (Crying)
Kim: Look, a sale on bata shoes up till 70%!
Ben: (Both hands on the head) AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

Bulk discounts, sales and mad offers, that's the Malaysian shopping scene for you.

Here's a scary thought, Wall-Mart in Malaysia. Woaaahh...



That's one of the few things I miss about life back in Malaysia.

Wan Yean

haha. i remember that episode of south park on wall mart.. we should burn jusco down man. it's evil!

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