Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Definitions Of Disturbing

Ben: How much for the noodles?
Kid 1: RM3.00.
Kid 2: Hey, it's RM3.50!
Kid 1: IT'S RM3.00!
Kid 2: RM3.50!
Kid 1: RM3.00 times infinity!
Kid 2: RM3.50 times infinity times 2!
Both: MOM!!

8/9 year olds delivering food at hawker centres are just plain disturbing! And I don't mean:

"This picture of almond chocolate sticks that looks a lot like diseased penises is very disturbing"

I mean:

"There are so many friggin' flies here! SWAT! SWAT! SMACK!" type of disturbing!

Shouldn't they be at home studying or something? And to think that most SPM/STPM top scorers are sons and daughters of hawker stall owners. *sigh*



Yeah, I do see what you mean.

Over here, kids are usually encouraged to find part-time employment by the time they're 14 to supplement their allowance and facilitate the "maturity process". I think one of the obvious differences between the culture here and back home is that we tend to keep study and employment seperate back home while they're juggling both over here.

Both sides have their merits and pitfalls but I'm too tired to delve any further than I already have....


Hey, I think it's very cute of them.

And oh, the chocolate covered things look yummy... XD

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