Saturday, May 27, 2006

Malaysian Dyslexics

Dyslexia refers to any reading difficulty not associated with obvious problems such as bad eyesight. Dyslexias include the inability to name letters, to read words or sentences, or to recognize words directly even though they can be sounded out. It is said to be a neurological disorder with biochemical and genetic markers.

In this modern world where every information and knowledge are distributed and learned from books and the internet, life can be tedious and even hell itself for dyslexics. Parents of dyslexics have tried all kinds of teaching and learning aids but no avail. Parents fear that without proper learning ability, their dyslexic child will not be able to make it far in the education world.

I for one don't see what's the big problem. I mean dyslexics around the world will probably end up here in..

.. UTM. The 'U' stands for University and the last time I checked, that's as far as you can go in the education world. See, no worries.



I think the real underlying issue that needs to be adressed here is illiteracy.

Or apathy...

Either way I don't really care...


That occurs everywhere =P not just in Malaysia. People tend to say "Law is meant to be broken". It can't be any more true =)

bubbly soda

this isn't so bad compared to those who park at parking lots for the handicaps. But either way they are still annoying. maybe they should implement clamping in unis as well.


umm, lee kuan yew has dyslexia as well and he went to cambridge.


hm.. looks like i didn't do enough homework on this topic :(

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