Saturday, May 13, 2006

Jumping The Queue





This actually happened to me today. Please don't let them call you a typical Malaysian, respect the queue.



Hahaha.. poor thing.. some people are just like that.. i've been in this situation where when i'm ordering, this person stands next to me, and before i even pick up my food, i'm almost out of the line d..


haha.. It is really very funny of those drawing.
Malaysia "queuing culture" is really very bad, for example when queuing in the ladies.
is it (who said?) suppose to queuing in front of each toilet's door? That's mean if there have 5 toilet, we have 5 queue. How fast you can get in to pee pee is actually depend on your luck, must CHOOSE the right queue! What if the person in the toilet is not pee pee but "buang besar"? one word for the person who choose that queue, "SUEY". Wait la.


Oh my god...some ppl can be so rude! Dun wori, Ben...juz label them as uncivilized. One day God will punish them for all their selfishness! Buahahahahahaha!

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