Sunday, May 14, 2006

Bloggers & Road Accidents

In this week alone, I have witnessed a grand total of THREE road accidents. Sorry to say I could only pull the 6600 out of my pocket fast enough to take a snapshot of ONE of the accidents.

Kim la! He couldn't be a Malaysian for one second and drive real slow when passing through a road accident:

Accident 1:
Kim: Hey Ben, look! The Kancil is stuck under that huge-ass lorry!
Ben: Wah, damn cool! Could you drive slowly for a sec, let me grab my phone.
Kim: (Zooms quickly past the accident)
Ben: Hey! Why'd you do that?
Kim: I don't want to hold up the traffic..

Accident 2:
Kim: Look up ahead the junction, a Wira and a Toyota crashed into each other. Ouch, what a wreck!
Ben: Ok there's no traffic behind us. Drive real slow ok? I'm getting my phone out.
Kim: Still haven't take ah? (Zooms past accident)
Ben: ...
Kim: You're too slow!
Ben: AAAAAAHHHHH!!! (Overtakes the steering wheel and slams into a lamp post!)

Accident 3:

Ben: *Clicks*

Like I said, only one out of three. I suck as a photoblogger.



gosh, so u really banged into the lamp post ?

Wan Yean

ahahahaha u actually fall for that? dont believe everything you read here.. full of shites, just like the blogger :)


macibai wan yean. dun spoil it for me la!


Maybe you should introduce a sarcasm meter in your posts.

"And today's entry rates a high 2.0 out of 10, looks like we're really going for gold on this blog..."


oh, fake wan ah.. chiu..

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