Friday, May 12, 2006

Engineering vs. Medicine

A conversation with an old friend (currently doing medicine) over MSN:

Howard: Eh, you got watch the "House" series ah?
Ben: Got! Damn nice la the show. He is so sarcastic, you also learn to be like him la.
Howard: Long way to go.. What we study actually came up on the series you know. It's cool to know what he's talking about.
Ben: That's like the 100th series they made based on hospital life. When will they start making series on engineering?
Howard: Wah that will be the shortest running series ever.
Ben: ?
Howard: "Looks over"
Howard: "Oh no, that building is about to collapse! I shall use Newton's Second Law of Gravity to save them!"
Howard: "-The End-"
Ben: ...



Watch Prison Break - awesome movie.

the lead is a structural engineer from U.C San Diego. :)


Cool! Will do!

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