Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Fast Food & Tight-Bugdeted Undergrads

Hostel life is starting to become a bore so we have decided to go on an outing today! We would be starting our day at Tebrau City, a newly opened shopping mall at Johor Bahru.

It jammed all the way from Skudai to Johor Bahru so our supposed 30 minute trip was extended to an hour. We took 2 cars since 6 of us were going. One car was faster than the other, guess which one I was in? (We were sms-ing)

Normie: Still stuck at traffic jam ah?
Ben: Yep, u all reach already?
Normie: Not yet reach but we past the traffic jam already now, 100km/h, u leh? 0.001km/h? HAHA!
Ben: ..l..

(10 minutes later, on a whole different topic)

Normie: Passed the traffic jam yet? We reached Tebrau already.
Ben: 10 more minutes gua.
Normie: We wait for you all at KFC la.
Ben: =.=' KFC again?
Normie: Tuesday got 30% discount for KFC tag holders oh.
Ben: (Out loud) Wa! Normie says that we could get 30% discount on KFC meals today!!
Kim (Driving): Really?! Whooppiiee!! *Throws hand up in the air but loses control of the steering wheel*

The car swerves out of the main road and overturns violently into a ditch. Huge explosion!


Ben & Kim crawls out of the car, completely ignoring the fact that they are severely scared and bruised, continues their journey to Tebrau City on foot while chanting, "30%, 30%".

Forget fire drills and bomb hoax, you wanna evacuate a hall filled with undergrads? Just yell, "THERE IS A 40% DISCOUNT ON *insert fast food outlet here* MEALS!"

The Characters post UPDATED!


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