Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bananas For Karaoke

Karaoke sessions, 6 guys, no girls. You might think we're pathetic but truth be told it's better to go karaoking with your fellow guy buddies.

Girls are microphone hogs and you just don't feel comfortable singing 'linkin park' or 'bon jovi' songs with them around. Imagine lunatics jumping around the couch holding our microphones while pointing and screaming at the TV set, that's us.

Tour Guide: On your left you will see a group of 6 monkeys performing their usual afternoon routine of well... being monkeys.
Dad: *Takes photos*
Mom: Hey Anna, why don't you try to feed the monkeys?
Daughter: Okie (Hands out a banana)
Ben: *Slaps banana away* No more bananas! We want vagina!
*Proceeds to drag the daughter into the room cage with the help of his fe
llow friends monkey buddies*
Parents: Anna, nooooo!!

Ok la maybe I am contradicting myself with the 'no girl' statement but I am after all just a guy.


cheng sim

hahaha. its so funny how u can put Monkeys, Bananas and Vagina all in one entry. i honestly am a bad karaoke, you won't see me anywhere near the karaoke centre.


*pats self on back*


Everybody's a singer after a few drinks. A man who would reckon himself tone-deaf in sobriety might very well fancy himself, after about 5 beers and 2 tequilas; a he-diva...who plays the piano... AND breakdances

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