Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Imagine you in a wireless hall, surfing the net minding your own business. Then in walks in a dude who looks like a crack addict. He just switches on the TV and sits himself down (his behind facing me) in one of the sofas.

Fine, I'm still minding my own business.

Then suddenly his shoulder starts to shrug intensely for about 2 minutes (I swear)

Fine, still (trying) to mind my own business.

He finally slept on the sofa, dissappearing out of my sight. Oh ok that's fine but then he suddenly started moaning!!!

Walao.. you try minding your own business here!



HAHAHAHAH. I'd scream and run.


walk up there looking innocent and sit beside him! then give him a shocked face and take a photograph of his dazzled face!

Probably not...

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