Saturday, May 06, 2006

Elevated Mess

(One night, Sam was hungry)

Sam: I'm so hungry right now (Searches his cupboard for something to eat) All I've got left are 2 tins of Milo powder. You want any?
Chad: Sure but I don't think it's gonna be enough though, I am SO hungry!
Sam: Hm... let's see, we've got 2 tins of Milo, an endless supply of water and two big appetite to feed.. all we need now is a huge container!
Chad: We could use the elevator!
Sam: What?
Chad: Think about it, it's big enough and we could just fill the whole thing up with Milo and water then hit the 'Ground' and '4th' floor repeatedly to shake them well.
Sam: ... Chad... YOU'RE A GENIUS!

Milo powder spilt all over our hostel elevator. Just great, not only do I have to breathe and smell thick cocoa everytime I'm getting out of the hostel, I also have to avoid getting them on my slippers. Where are the UTM hostel cleaners?!



I think you forgot to add the last line in the conversation...

Chad: "Now be a pal and pass me the joint will ya?"

The Angel

Hahaha...good post...

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