Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Stuck in UTM

Parents are coming in waves with their huge Toyota Unsers to bring their sons and daughters (and their 10 boxes of luggage) home to well, home. I swear la, every of those car has a bumper sticker written on them:

The new UTM bumper sticker

Workshop course has just started for us. Just when every other UTM undergrads are probably already back at their hometowns making their own body patch on their old sofa couch or oversleeping till 2pm without a care in the world, I'm stuck here for the next 1 and a half months.


Well not to bore you with details, this is what I do during workshop:

Basically machines, machines, machines.

Problem is, each period of workshop lasts from 8-12 & 2-6 every single day. That's right, 4 consecutive hours of pay-less hard labour and of course, hunger is inevitable:

Adrian: I am hungry.
Ben: Will you shut up about it. That's the 10th time you've said it and frankly you're starting to annoy me.
Adrian: Sir, can we take a break and go have breakfast?
Lecturer: What did you say?
Adrian: I was wondering if we could all get some food.
Lecturer: (Grabs Ben's face and drills a hole right through his tongue) Excuse me?
Adrian: We're kinda hungry.
Lecturer: (Saws Ben's hands off) What?!
Adrian: (Looks at the grinding machine) I want steak.

Oliver Twist gone horribly wrong.

Then my sense of humour deterioted for a second and thought this was funny:

It really wasn't, I'm sorry.



yay!i am actually reading this.cool!keep it up. post more pics!

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